The artist in you is always present

No matter how troubled you are, the artist in you is always there. She might feel frightened, troubled or lost. It’s up to you to rediscover her, or at least to take the first step. Everyone has her own way to go back to that silent inner place. What do you feel that...

Art is meditation (How to start)

OK, it’s been a while since I made some art.  Every week I try to plan a day off for working on some paintings. Sometimes that just fails. Because there are too many other things going on: family, things I need to fix for my company, or – and thats the main reason –...

Coping With Resistance to Make Art

Unless is it’s a good day to work – sun is shining, no wind, good light – I feel an enormous resistance against everything that has to do with creating. I’d rather do all the household stuff, like doing dishes, shopping for groceries and doing some...
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