Painting Classes

Learn to paint from the comfort of your home!

Painting is a wonderful way to express yourself, especially in challenging times. It can help you to bring balance in your life, overcome issues, get out of your head and mind and meet some new or tucked away parts of your soul. Oh, and did I say that painting is big fun?

Sometimes it is time to turn inside and see what’s there for you. For me, it’s a surprise every time! Do you want to unravel your artistic secrets? Join one of my courses!

Online painting classes, how does it work?

All my classes are on my school website Brave Art Academy. Each class contains around 3 hours of HD video content, in which I’ll show you my process step by step, from start to finish. The video lessons are easily accessible on our school’s website with a friendly interface. You have unlimited acces to the class and the ability to watch the course at your own pace, when and where you want, as often as you wish!

What device or operating system do I need to follow your painting classes?

My courses can be followed with any internet browser on your computer (Mac and PC) and portable devices, like your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android). You should have a good internet connection. If you can watch video’s on YouTube, Vimeo or other social media then you’re good to go! The classes can be downloaded as well for offline viewing with our app (only for smartphones and tablets).

Does the painting class come with a workbook?

Yes! Each class comes with a PDF-workbook including inspiring exercises, inspiring images and background information.

When I’m a student in your painting class, will I get personal attention from you?

Absolutely! You can ask me questions and will receive feedback from me and other students via the private classrooms where you can post your results, get feedback and tips from other students and of course myself.

Below you’ll find all my courses in four categories: Art Journaling, Mixed Media Classes, Abstract Classes and Classes on Location.


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New Series of Classes: Art Journaling

Class Art Journaling - Fairy Tales Luz Artworks - Brave Art Academy
Art Journaling courses- my working table overview - Luz Artworks - Brave Art Academy
Course Art Journaling Discoveries - Luz Artworks Brave Art Academy

Join me and start your own art journal!

Art Journaling for everyone! I have a short first introductory class on art journaling. You can participate if you have no experience at all, but also if you have been drawing, painting or journaling for some time. The course invites you to play, try new things and above all have fun in the process. In the second class ‘Art Journaling: Fairy Tales’ we dive deeper into the joy of art journaling, by painting, sketching and illustrating a fairy tale from our imagination. This class was recorded in an idyllic location by a gorgeous Swedish lake. And in the third class ‘Art Journaling: Discoveries’ we explore a location of your choice. You will look for interesting objects to draw and collect in your art journal. This class was recorded on a romatic location on a French estate, with lots of lovely cats to keep us company!

Click on one of the buttons below to see the details of my Art Journaling classes.

Painting Magnolia by Luz<br />
Botanical Gelli Prints painting course overview picture
Patterns based on a Japanese art book

A mixed media class with one of your favourite flowers in the spotlights

In this brand new course you’ll create a wonderful patterned background and you’ll study your favorite flower. Especially for those of you who want to develop pattern designing skills and who want to learn more about drawing and painting flowers. Is it difficult? No, I’ll be teaching you several skills to get to know any flower! 

Painting class: Botanical Gelli Prints

Botanical Gelli Prints painting course overview picture
Botanical Gelli Prints painting course plant print picture
Botanical Gelli Prints painting course finishing touch picture

Play Around, Print, Create!

This painting course covers all the aspects of the Gelli™ Plate Printing; from playing around and creating wonderful backgrounds to working out the results with various mixed media techniques. To make it extra fun we work with botanical items during this class. 

Abstract painting class: Beyond Colour Fields

Online Course Beyond Colour Fields - Stencilling
Beyond Colour Fields Tampon Brush
Beyond Colour Fields - using the image viewer - Square

The Secrets of Creating an Abstract Painting

Do you have the dream to create wonderful abstract paintings? Are you mesmerised by colours, but you can’t seem to mix them in the way you want them? Are you struggling with composition from time to time? This new course will show you all the secrets of how to create a balanced and colourful painting, step by step in a playful way! On top of that you’ll learn a lot of wonderful printing techniques to give your work more layering effects as well as decorative elements.

Mixed Media Classes

There’s a series of 3 mixed media classes: Pattern Playing, Fantasy Flowers and Mixed Media Angels. In these classes you’ll be working with acrylic paint combined with paper, fabrics, markers, etc..

Pattern Playing

In this 3+ hour video class I welcome you into the wonderful world of patterns. Step by step, I’ll be guiding you through the process; from gathering inspiration, choosing a colour palette, designing your own patterns, applying them and create an amazing abstract piece of art.

Creating your own pattern design is the perfect way to completely lose yourself in the process. You don’t have to think too much; it can even feel like a meditation. Warning: it’s very addictive! 😉

You can participate in this course if you have been painting for a while, but also if you have no experience at all. The course encourages you to play and, most of all: to enjoy the process.

Fantasy Flowers

I invite you to create a flower scene from your imagination. In the video lessons (3 hours in total) I will show you various mixed media techniques that you can use right away. From preparing your canvas and creating a layered background, to choosing your colours and a composition. And of course how you build up the fantasy flowers step by step with for example paper, markers and textiles.

You can participate in this course if you have been painting for a while, but also if you have no experience at all. The course encourages you to play and, most of all: to enjoy the process.

Mixed Media Angels

This course is all about angels, or fairies or elves if you prefer to call them that. What they have in common is that they are magical beings who bring us a special message or they support us. And we need that more today than ever before!

In the video lessons I’ll be showing you various techniques, that you can use right away. In the preparing stage, you’ll be working on your background, you think about your colour palette and the composition and you will design some patterns. When you have collected enough elements to work with, you can start piecing together your angel. In the class I encourage you step by step how to bring your angel’s face to life. So, if painting faces has always been challenging for you, don’t worry!

Painting on Location Classes

In these classes I am showing you my process working (partly) on location. So, If you like being in nature and you want to challenge yourself: paint trees, flowers and landscapes with me! 

Fabuluz Flower Fields

This is your chance to paint the flower field of your dreams. In this 6 hour class, I’ll be offering you a step by step guide in how to create a flower field painting with acrylic paint and defining your flower close-ups with acrylic ink.

We take you to wonderful places, including the mesmerising poppy field in Achel, Belgium where I partly work on my piece. I complete my work in the studio.

We pay a lot attention to colour and composition, how to create depth and use layers and work in a loose, abstract and impressionistic style.

Trees in the Light

Trees are most important to us. They give us oxygen, we use their wood to build our houses and warm ourselves… and where would us artists be without paper, brushes, easels, frames etc… And for many painters, trees are one of the greatest sources of inspiration!

In the first part of this class I’ll take you to gorgeous France. You see how I sketch my favourite trees on location and I recommend you to do the same. Catch the vibe of being in nature! In a beautiful garden with stunning views of the hills near Toulouse, you’ll be introduced to playing with acrylic inks. In the second part we visit my studio where I will share with you step by step: working on the foundation, colour choice and composition, painting layers and adding details with inks. And of course, we talk about shadow and light. I encourage you to paint in a loose, abstract and impressionistic style and this class is for beginners or experienced painters.

Landscapes in Lines

Do you often think: ‘Painting a landscape is too hard for me,’ or ‘I need to have more skills for working with perspective’ or you’re struggling with composition? I guide you, step by step! In the first part of this class you can have some outdoor sketch sessions to get impressions and ideas of what you want to paint. Back in the studio, we take every step that is required to tell your own unique story!

Sketching outside might feel a bit uncomfortable. What will ‘they’ say when they see you with a pencil in your hand? The secret is to feel free to just do it: the landscape is all yours! Showing you around in the amazing Dutch polder landscape, I help you to gain confidence to try it yourself.

Do you remember, when you were a child, you used to draw and paint? No matter what, you just did it! And now, you feel that somewhere on the way you’ve lost that magical feeling of creating? Do you want to be in touch with your creative part again and embrace the joy of painting? Just start now!

Your teacher


For over 7 years I am an art teacher for young and adult students in my studio. The online part of the business started in 2018, with my partner Anthony Verolme, who is recording and editing the courses.

“Luz is a wonderful teacher with a relaxed but energetic style. I never felt pressured or stressed. She interacts with the participants all the way through and was very encouraging. I really learned so much. 5/5.


Rockford, IL