Luz – Contemporary Acrylic Paintings

Luz (Marloes Bloedjes, 1979) is a Dutch painter, graphic artist and educator. She was born with glaucoma and lost her right eyesight at a very young age. Her left eye was saved by multiple operations to relieve high eye pressure (this ultimately causes the eye nerve to die) by inserting a valve. Her vision was 35%. At the age of 33, early cataract emerged in her only good eye and her vision dropped to 5%. At that moment, she vowed to be a full time artist and art educator if her eyesight could be restored. Luckily, it was, even to about 70%!

Since that joyous moment she has created hundreds of abstract paintings on canvas and wood, taught hundreds of children and teens, and tens of adults in her art studio to paint from their inner self. Since 2018, she and her partner, photographer and videographer Anthony Verolme have been creating online painting classes with several themes and materials.

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Painting Serenity by Marloes Bloedjes - on the wall

Abstract Paintings

Painting by Marloes Bloedjes Luz Artworks - In the Hills

Landscape Paintings

Painting taking a new step by Marloes Bloedjes - on the wall

Figure & Portrait Paintings

Painting Firewoods by Marloes Bloedjes - on the wall

Rusty Orange Paintings

Painting Hibiscus by Marloes Bloedjes - on the wall

Floral Paintings

Painting Blue and Red Flowers - Marloes Bloedjes - Luz Artworks - On the Wall

Paintings on Sale


This is the portfolio of my paintings! I have created several categories, so just choose one of your interest and click on the image or the portfolio name below the image and you’ll be directed to the designated portfolio. I hope you enjoy viewing it!