Brave Art Journey

This is your ultimate chance to reconnect or deepen the relationship with the artist in you. Play like a child, take a dive into the new, find your inner voice again and create refreshing abstract paintings. The next Once-A-Year Art Adventure will start March, 21, 2023!

Brave Art Journey:
Reconnect With The Artist Within You!

Transform Your Art & Your Life

The Brave Art Journey is a program that consists of 8 lessons. You’ll receive one lesson every two weeks. It’s especially for those who feel stuck in their painting process and desire to reconnect with the artist within. In the program we’ll open the door to that creative source in ourselves, we turn negative thoughts into constructive ones and work towards a healthy and consistent relationship. On this journey we will discover all the aspects of creating abstract art, like colour mixing, composition, using lines, etc., You’ll learn step by step, in a playful way, and will gain confidence by spending a lot time in your studio.

When you work on improving your art, you’re working on yourself. When you’re growing as a person, you will improve your painting. This course works both ways. I believe that that is the power of this journey.

Watch the introduction video below to get an idea what this program is about!

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  • You can enroll just once a year for this big art adventure. This year’s class for Brave Art Journey 2022 has closed!
  • You will get 10 individual coaching sessions (duration 45 minutes per session) with Zoom or FaceTime if you choose for the Premium option.
  • Only 15 students can participate in the Premium program, in order to provide maximum attention to the students.
  • Unlimited students can participate in the Basic Program!
  • You are invited to join the Brave Art Community.

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Brave Art Journey Luz Artworks - Tanja painting with fingers

Getting Back to the Source

Do these thoughts sound familiar to you?

  • There are so many better artists… My art is not good enough; 
  • I don’t try new things, because I am afraid;
  • There are so many things going on in the world, what’s the use of making art at all?
  • I don’t have time to make art.
  • I don’t believe in myself and in my skills as a painter. My work never will be how I want it to be;
  • I am working too precisely and want it to be perfect, but at the same time I want to work loose and big.

If one or more of these things are holding you back from making art, then keep on reading! Because making art can bring so much happiness and will make your world brighter. And that is, especially these days, SO important! The question is: How to get back that connection with your inner soul… from where you tap straight from the source… to play, to loosen up, to learn new things… and get out of your thinking mind? 

The answer is quite simple: everything is already in you, you just have to open the door. I have gone inside many, many times, so I know that it works. I also know it can take a lot of discipline to do this all by yourself. That’s why I created this brand new program. Are you ready to transform your art and with that your whole life? Then, come out and play!

Luz is a driven and enthusiastic teacher and she passed that on to me. I experienced the structure of the workshop as very pleasant. We started with a meditation and then a game with different exercises. What I discovered during the exercises, I could apply to the painting, which was the final assignment of the workshop. During the workshop I didn’t have enough time to finish it, but I had learned enough and was inspired to finish it at home.”

Brave Art Journey Luz Artworks - Hildes intuitive painting


Participant of Brave Art Workshop in Luz' studio

Premium: Individual
Art Coaching Sessions

When you choose the Premium option of Brave Art Journey, you’ll get 10 individual online coaching sessions on Zoom or FaceTime, with me personally. Together we set your goals and I will assist you on your artistic path.

Each art lesson contains:

  • A guided meditation to connect with your inner artist and to let go of your thoughts and get back in contact with your body and soul. 
  • Many playful exercises that invite you to explore new techniques, discover new materials and tools and to look with refreshed eyes on your artwork. I created a couple of surprising art games. 
  • We cover the whole spectrum of art theory, like composition, line, colour, value and contrast. 
  • In every session there will be an exercise to work on your mindset, to improve the contact with your inner artist. We make connections between your artistic process and your personal growth and look closely at possible negative thoughts about yourself that are holding you back and turn them into powerful intentions.  
  • At the end of the lesson I challenge you to work on an assignment; this can be a series or a larger canvas  in which you apply everything you have learned.

For all levels 

This class is suitable for all art levels, whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist. Everything will be explained step by step, I’ll teach you a lot of techniques, so there will be something new for everybody joining the course! Being open and eager to learn are more important than the level you’re at!

Brave Art Journey Luz Artworks - Mirror reflections and affirmations

The Brave Art Game 

This game challenges you to test new techniques, tools and new ways of thinking in a very playful and inspiring way. It’s simple, but it works. And the good news is: If you join the program, you’ll get the game too! It’s extra fun to play it with your art friends.

After a tree painting workshop in 2020, I recently did the Brave Art workshop in Luz’s studio. What really appealed to me was that the emphasis was on intuitive painting. For me it was an adventurous process, both in terms of material use, color research and personal expression. The exercises in the game encouraged to get out of your head and more in the moment. For example by painting with your fingers, or with closed eyes. I really liked it. Furthermore, Marloes is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, has an eye for detail and a lot of personal attention, and above all attention to the painting process itself. I was very happy with the result and would definitely do it again! 

Brave Art Journey student Tanja painting intuitively with hands


Participant of Brave Art Workshop in Luz' studio

Master your abstract painting skills

In each lesson we dive into a specific theme, such as colour, composition, layering & texture, and the use of colour. 

Once we have covered all the themes and you have completed the program, you will be a confident master of abstract painting.

Satisfied School Members!

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Preparing Your Journey

Theme: Circles
Guided Meditation
Playing The Brave Art Game
BONUS: Creating Your Suitcase
Setting Your goals
Signing Your Contract

Lesson 2: In Line With Your Inner Path

Theme: Lines
Guided Meditation
Playing The Brave Art Game
BONUS: Creating A Map
Healthy Thoughts


Section 3: Showing Your True Colours

Theme: Colour
Guided Meditation
Playing The Brave Art Game
BONUS: Creating a Moodboard
Letting go of ‘I have to’


Lesson 4: Gaining Confidence

 Theme: Layering and texture
Guided Meditation
Playing The Brave Art Game
Your Favourite Mistakes

Lesson 5: Breaking Patterns

 Theme: Patterns and decoration
Guided Meditation
Playing The Brave Art Game
Your Patterns

Lesson 6: Play Like a Child

 Theme: Watch The World With the Eyes of a Child
Guided Meditation
Playing The Brave Art Game
Connecting With Your Inner Child

Lesson 7: Dark & Light

 Theme: Contrast & Value
Guided Meditation
Playing The Brave Art Game
Your Mission As An Artist

Lesson 8: All the Time of the World

 Theme: Time
Guided Meditation
Playing The Brave Art Game
Slowing Down – Patience

List of supplies

I will send a complete list with all the supplies you need for this program as soon as you enroll the program.

Very Important

In order to do the exercises in the workbook and to play the Brave Art Game, it’s important you have a printer. If you don’t, make sure you can print it elsewhere. If this is not possible, you could also use a dice and a notebook. 


For every lesson you’ll be needing some watercolor or mixed media paper to play the ‘Brave Art Game’. For the assignment you can choose whether you work on canvas, paper or wooden panels. In each lesson I advice you which size fits best, but of course you can choose what you want to work on yourself

Paint & Mediums

In this class we work mainly with acrylic paint. I use paint from the brand Winsor & Newton Galeria and Royal Talens.

In some lessons I use mixed media techniques and I use paper, gel medium and fluid acrylics and acrylic ink. It’s up to you if you want to use this too. 

Brushes & Palette Knives & Brayers 

 I use brushes in various sizes and shapes. My favourite ones are from the Raphael series. In this class we will also work with palette knives, brayers and many other things. I encourage you to work with things you don’t often work with.

Mark Making Items… 

I am a big fan of using mark making tools, such as markers, fineliners, pens or soft pastels, to give a finishing touch to my art pieces. 

Don’t forget…

There are some basics that you’ll always have within reach, like a palette, a tin or jar and kitchen towels to clean your brushes. Also think about something to protect your table and an apron to protect your clothes. 

What you’ll get…

Brave Art Journey Luz Artworks - Writing Affirmations

8 Lessons With Video Content

The program contains 8 lessons, spread out over 16 weeks. You’ll receive a new lesson every two weeks, so you will have enough time to complete. After the program you still have access to all the course material. You can watch the video lessons from your desktop, but also from your tablet or your phone in a browser or with a special iOS app.

The Brave Art Game - Luz  Artworks Brave Art Journey

'Brave Art' Workbook & Game

A workbook to download and/or print, with exercises to get you started, background information and a detailed explanation of all materials.
You’ll also receive the ‘Brave Art Game’, which is a wonderful tool to discover new things and  your preferences.

Brave Art Journey Coaching sessions with Luz 2

Art Coaching & Community

Students who join the Premium program, will get 10 individual online coaching sessions on Zoom or FaceTime, each session lasts 40 minutes.All students will get an invitation to join our private community, to connect with the other Brave Art students.

Your teacher Luz

Your art teacher: Luz

Marloes Bloedjes alias Luz is an artist living in The Netherlands, creating colourful, abstract paintings and mixed media artworks. She enjoys long walks in nature. Back home she mixes her impressions with her rich inner world. When these two come together, magical creations are born.

After getting her degree to teach at primary schools and working in that area, she started giving art lessons in her studio for children and adults, from 2010. Also she is interested in personal development, so she went to study coaching based on the ideas of Louise Hay.  

Since 2018 Luz is developing online classes, together with her partner, photo/videographer Anthony Verolme.

“In my art I feel a deep connection with myself and my inner world. If there were no art, there were no me.”


Frequently Asked Questions

When does this art program start and finish?

This course opens once a year – on March, 21. You’ll be getting a new lesson every two weeks, so you have enough time to work on the exercises and the assignments. After you completed the program, the course material will be available for you to view, download and work through.

How long do I have access to the program?

How does unlimited access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

What level is the program suitable for?

This course is for anyone who deeply desires to work on the connection with the artist within. The material is suitable for beginners and more experienced artists.

Do I need all the art supplies?

For this class you will need some basic requirements, as mentioned in the list above. A full list of supplies will be sent after enrollment.

Do I need high speed internet for the course?

Yes, you will need a good internet connection to view and/or download the video content for this course.

Will there be an online community for this program?

Yes, I will provide details of how to submit a request to join the Luz Artworks community.

Can I pay for this art program in installments?

Yes you can, I’d be glad to help you with that. Please ontact me via e-mail to receive more information.

What is the Enrollment & Checkout procedure?

Enrolling is easy and fast! Just hit one of the buttons on this page, put the course in your cart and proceed to the checkout. You’ll receive the login instructions and link to your personal course page via a return e-mail as soon as the program is open.

If you need assistance signing up or when you ‘d like to use another payment method, don’t hesitate to contact me personally via email: [email protected]. When you don’t receive a confirmation email after successfully signing up, please check your email spam box.

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