Art Journaling – Discoveries

Walk, collect, draw and marvel!

In the third part of the series of lessons on art journaling, you will explore a location of your choice. You will look for interesting objects to draw and collect in your art journal. You catch what you find so special about this place. In this class you will not only practice your drawing and painting skills, you will also train your eyes! You develop a new way of perceiving, in which you suddenly notice everything.

After taking your walk, you’ll have sketched, drawn patterns, and found objects to paste directly into your art journal, such as dried leaves and petals. How do you put everything together in your art journal? I’ll show you step by step how I do this myself. But that’s not all…

2 Bonus lessons

You will receive 2 bonus lessons with this course. In the first I show you several pages from my art journal, in which I describe how they came about. This gives you an idea of how to set up the pages in different ways. In the second bonus lesson, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about basic shapes and three-dimensional drawing.

This course was recorded in a beautiful place in France, so you can see with your own eyes how I capture’ this place in my art journal.


What you’ll get with this class:

  • Approximately 3 hours in 17 separate video lessons in which I take you to a wonderful location and show you step-by-step how to collect, sketch and put everything together in your art journal;
  • Some worksheets with questions about your unique location to experience your place with all your senses;
  • Access to the private classroom of Brave Art Academy where you can meet other students, share your results and share valuable feedback;
  • Start immediately, unlimited access to the teaching material;
  • The ability to watch the course at your pace, at your chosen time, as many times as you like. You can watch it from your desktop, but also from your tablet or phone. So you can also take this class on vacation!
  • All my courses are available on my SCHOOL WEBSITE – BRAVE ART ACADEMY

Price: $ 59

“I already followed 3 online classes with Luz, ‘The Joy of Drawing Patterns’, ‘An Introduction to Art Journaling’ and ‘Flowers & Patterns’. It is all set up playfully and everything is explained very clearly step by step. In addition, Luz also gives all kinds of examples of how you can apply what you have learned. I am very enthusiastic and will continue to follow courses at Brave Art Academy!”

Cursus Introductie tot Art Journaling - Tamara


Student of the online course 'An Introductie to Art Journaling'

Cursus Art Journaling - Sprookjes - Achtergrond - Marloes Bloedjes - Luz Artworks 2023

Capture your location in your art journal! 

In this class you will look for finds, which you can process or paste directly into your journal. It’s best if you go for a completely new location, somewhere you’ve never been before. This can be a city trip, or a walk in the forest. This class suits perfectly if you are on holiday or if you go away for a weekend. Step out of your comfort zone and discover this new world with a curious eye. A walk, a round in or around the (holiday) house or a city walk… The possibilities are endless.  

What you’ll learn in this class 

  • How to develop a way of perceiving while walking and how to find objects of interest to you to process in your art journal;
  • How to sketch your selected items; 
  • How to create patterns in your own style based on patterns you find on your location; 
  • Everything you need to know about basic shapes and three-dimensional drawing; 
  • How to dry flower petals and leaves and how to glue them in your art journal; 
  • How to make a solid choice which of your found objects will shine on your pages;
  • How to choose the right colour palette, based on your discoveries; 
  • How to put everything together into two balanced and sparkling pages;
  • Je leert meerdere manieren om je pagina op te zetten qua compositie.  

Art Journaling - Vondsten - Schetsen - Luz 2023

Mixed-media techniques 

In this class you will work with various materials. Old book pages, beautiful pieces of paper, packaging of bread, finds from nature (I pay a lot of attention to how to dry leaves and flowers) and your own sketches. In the end, you put the most beautiful things together. When finishing in my art journal I use acrylic paint and some markers. I encourage you to think out of the box, as there are many resources you could use. Having said that, you don’t need much in order to follow the class. Although this is an art journal class, you’re free to work on any other substrate, for example mixed-media paper or canvas. 

It doesn’t have to be perfect! Because you make a lot of sketches, there is always a good one that you can use directly in your journal. The class is a mix between working from yourself and observing and recording the world around you. 

Art Journaling is for everyone!

This is a class on art journaling. You can participate if you have no experience at all, but also if you have been drawing, illustrating, painting or journaling for some time. The course invites you to play, try new things and above all, enjoy the process. 

Art Journaling - Vondsten - Katten - Luz 2023

Join us on our art journey

We often travel through Europe with our vintage Hymer camper. We also release new courses when we are on the road. So, by following this class about Discoveries, you will see my painting process and at the same time you go on a trip with us! We recorded the previous class ‘Fairy tales’ in Sweden and this class takes place entirely in a beautiful location in the Corrèze in France..

What you’ll get with this painting class

Workbook picto painting class Flowers & Patterns Brave Art Academy


Alongside the class you will get a downloadable and printable series of worksheets and a art supplies list.

Direct acces picto Flowers and Patterns painting course Brave Art Academy

Instant & lifetime acces

The freedom to watch the course at your own pace, when you want to, as often as you wish. You can watch it from your desktop, but also from your tablet or your phone in a browser.

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Your classroom

You’ll get instant access to this class’ private classroom where you can meet other students, ask questions, share your results, and get valuable feedback on your work.

“During the Art Journaling course I learned a lot. It was my first experience with this and I have now started my second book. Each lesson we worked with a different theme and I was inspired to try something new that I could continue with at home. Marloes gives good explanations about the structure of the pages and the use of color. While working in my journal, my personal goal was to ‘break patterns’. Painting allowed me to get out of my head and process things. I was very happy with an explanation about the repairing the cover of my book. This gives me a nice end result and a journal to be proud of!”

Art Journaling - Resultaat Yvonne - Eenden


Student 'Art Journaling', weekly in my studio