Discover the magic of painting with the palette knife

After the great success of this course in my studio, it’s now also available online! In this class, the palette knife is in the spotlight. We’ll be painting an abstract landscape with acrylics.

Painting the landscape with palette knife

Are you done fiddling around and painting too many details? Do you want to work BIG and play with thick layers of paint? And would you also like to apply those yummy colour transitions and try out different ways of texture?
This class is for you! You will learn how to paint an abstract landscape layer by layer with acrylic paint and the palette knife in the spotlights. Join me on a journey of discovery and have fun with new techniques!

Support when you get stuck

Each painting has its own unique process of creating, so has yours. Sometimes you come to a point where you don’t know how to proceed with your canvas. In the digital classroom you can ask your questions if you get stuck, you can give feedback to other students and you can proudly share your final results. Of course, I am also in the classroom to support you when necessary. Together, we bring out the best in each other.


This class includes:

  • More than 4 hours of video lessons in which you’ll learn the basic techniques for painting with the palette knife;
  • A bonus lesson: how to create trees with the palette knife;
  • Access to the private classroom of ‘Brave Art Academy’ where you can meet other students, share your results and share valuable feedback;
  • Start right away, unlimited access to the teaching materials;
  • The ability to watch the class at your pace, at the time you choose, as often as you want. You can watch it from your computer, but also from your tablet or phone. So you can also take this course while on holiday!
  • All my courses are available on my NEW SCHOOL WEBSITE – BRAVE ART ACADEMY

When you click the button, you will be directed to my school Brave Art Academy.

Price: USD 95

“Took 2 online classes here on Brave Art Academy, ‘The Joy of Drawing Patterns’ and ‘An Introduction to Art Journaling’. It is all set up in a playful way and everything is explained very clearly step by step. Luz also gives all kinds of examples of how you can apply what you have learned. I am very enthusiastic and will continue taking classes with Luz!”

Cursus Introductie tot Art Journaling - Tamara


Student of the online course 'An Introduction to Art Journaling'

Art Journaling - Weven & Ontrafelen - Stof tot nadenken - Marloes Bloedjes 2023

Discover all the techniques in a playful way!

The class consists of two parts. In the first part you prepare yourself for ‘real’ painting in a playful way. During the Palette Knife Game you will learn the most important techniques you can use with the palette knife and when you can use them. You also make sketches for your composition and choose a colour palette.

Painting the landscape step by step

In the second part you follow my painting process, from the first layer of paint to the final details. How do you start? What do you do if you have made a mistake? What textures do you start with? What do you do if the colours don’t mix nicely? When is your canvas finished? I will teach you which three elements to focus on and I will reveal all the secrets of how to set up a landscape step by step!

Bonus lesson: Trees with the palette knife

In the bonus lesson you learn how to paint different types of trees with the palette knife. You will see that you can reproduce even the smallest details with the palette knife, although it will take some practice at first.

Small Pond in the Dunes - Wall - Luz Artworks 2024

What you will learn in this class

  • How to find inspiration for painting a landscape;
  • How to set up multiple compositions with charcoal;
  • Nine techniques with the palette knife and how to apply them in your work;
  • The secret of how to build a landscape step by step;
  • How to use texture in your work and use multiple layers of paint;
  • How to choose a good color palette;
  • How to keep your colors pure while at the same time working on layering;
  • How to create a balanced yet exciting painting;
  • How to create clouds, shrubs, trees and other details with the palette knife.

This class is for everyone!

In my studio, both experienced artists and complete beginners have participated in this class. It doesn’t have to be perfect; Everyone has their own pace and growth process. The class invites you to play, try new things and, above all, have fun painting.

Paletmes - Palette Knife Painting 2024

What you’ll get with this class

Workbook picto painting class Flowers & Patterns Brave Art Academy

Bonus lesson

With this class you get a bonus lesson in which you learn how to paint different types of trees with the palette knife. 

Direct acces picto Flowers and Patterns painting course Brave Art Academy

Instant and unlimited access

This gives you the opportunity to watch the class at your own pace, whenever you want, as often as you want. You can view it from your desktop, but also from your tablet or smartphone in a browser.

Brave Art Academy Coaching pictogram

Your classroom

You will get immediate access to this class private classroom where you can meet other students, ask questions, share your results and receive valuable feedback on your work.

“I learned a lot during the Art Journaling class. It was my first experience with this and I have now started my second book wink Each lesson we worked with a different theme and I was inspired to try something new that I could continue with at home. Luz gives a good explanation about the composition of the pages and use of colour. While working in my journal, my personal goal was ‘breaking patterns’. By painting I was able to get out of my head and process things. I was very happy with the explanation about the repairing the cover of my book. This gives me a beautiful end result and a journal to be proud of!”

Art Journaling - Resultaat Yvonne - Eenden


Student of the weekly course 'Art Journaling' in my studio