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Marloes Bloedjes, alias Luz, is a Dutch fine artist.
She creates colourful abstract paintings and mixed media artworks.

my eyes made me turn to art

“Never being able to see like the others made me tune inside. What I found there was a rich inner world, full of colours and landscapes. Here you can discover this world, and the story behind it.” 


the need for art

“Through my art I feel a deep connection with myself and my inner world. If there were no art, there would be no me.”



For almost 5 year Luz has been giving art lessons for children, teenagers and adults in The Netherlands. You can now join the painting classes by Luz wherever you live!

The FREE online mini course ‘Sketch & Walk‘ is available right now! Click the button for more information.

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Pack up your stuff and paint outdoors with me... check it out!


There’s a rich inner world inside of every mind. I discovered mine in the darkest time of my life: the period when I wasn’t able to see more than 5%, just with one eye. Turning inside made me discover art and art has been helping me through in a magical way ever since. I made myself a promise: if my eye can be cured, I will definitely choose to be a professional artist. After surgery, my sight was 65%, even the doctors said it was a miracle.

So I had to keep my promise. For 5 years I have been running an art business in the Netherlands. Both in order to make art growing out of my vibrant, colorful inner world and to let others discover their own inner path by making art.

I can’t wait to share this world with you!

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which voice to listen too when you have too many projects?

https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/abstractart/ busy creative kid Ever since I was a child I worked on more than one project. Yes, since I was a child. I wrote little stories, that came out of playing endlessly. I also drew a lot and also that led me to stories. Mostly I had one main theme that took me completely for a while. One of these things was a story about a ladybug that could change into human size. Next to that there were side themes that I jumped into sometimes. Even as a kid I...

what it is like to have no ‘real’ art studio

When students come to follow art lessons, they're always getting a first free lesson. Most of them stay for a year, some of them much longer. Not often it happens that adults and children just don't show up after that first class. I always ask them why. Once there was a girl who answered: 'I thought there would be a real studio!' Well I have a real studio, I keep saying. Especially when I am teaching, we have a room in the house that used to be a bedroom. Even my stepchildren are sleeping in...

10 tips to find your painting flow again

Whether you are a professional painter or you are someone who likes to paint sometimes, you might be interested in how to stay in flow. After a busy period it can be hard to tune into your creativity and find your painting flow again. You first need to still the mind... or do you just start? Here are some tips to get your way in! Calm your mind... There are many voices over there. You don't have to listen to them, you can simply let them pass by as the landscape passes you by when you drive...


No matter what it is you're searching for, if you can't find it in yourself Go outside and see in nature who you really are

pushing yourself too hard in art

challenges of living with an eye disease For many times in my life I feel that I want more than I can do. The one and only strategy to solve this problem is to choose. What do I REALLY want, in art and in life. I'd better focus on one thing, one technique. My body has given me the signals that I needed rest. My eyes are as always my weakest spot especially as the seasons are changing. This year I had a lot of pain in my left (and only good) eye. It's something that won't heal easily and it...

is it finished or not?

hundreds of paintings in one artwork There can be hundreds of paintings in one painting. It’s about the process every time I paint. Every painting is asking other skills and another composition. With this one, finally called ‘Green View’ I had several stages that I’ll share with you. I sometimes wouldn’t even imagine this is the same painting. How do you decide to paint something over? the process of staring at the painting and turning it around and around The answer may be simply: when...

all the girls are gone…

After a very nice afternoon when I opened my new exhibition I feel relieved, happy, proud and... sad. Why is that? I feel like some paintings are still close to myself, I've only just finished them. And now I'm already leaving them alone in a strange place like a hotel... Part of my paintings is at Restaurant van Schaik, which is pretty close to our home. The other part though, is much further away! Maybe I'm a bit tired thus exaggerating... It feels just EMPTY! There is just one thing I...

figure painting without a model

drawing portraits out of boredom at high school I did not paint a lot figures over the last years. As I started painting in my 'early years' around 2003/2004 I worked with many figures in my work though. Also in my time at high school that was dominated with boredom I doodled a lot of comic like girls. I became pretty good at giving expression to faces (I wouldn't say that from myself at that moment...). Another thing is drawing a complete body and finding a pose that is not too static and...

new exhibition at Herberg De Waard van Ternaard (Friesland, NH)

A brand new exhibition! I'm proudly showing you the pictures of the hotel/restaurant Herberg De Waard in the small town Ternaard in Friesland, the north of The Netherlands. Now, my work is partly in Markenbinnen (Noord-Holland), partly in Ternaard. There are a few pieces that are never shown before and aren't on the website and Instagram, so you are the first to see them! The hotel is beautifully styled with the furniture of the Fries' brand Pilat and Pilat. Downstairs you can find the...

enough to do for upcoming exhibition

I'm very proud to announce that my new exhibition at Herberg de Waard in Ternaard (Friesland, NL) will be arranged next Thursday. After a few weeks of doing (almost) nothing because my (only) eye was hurting too much, I need to take some steps and make some decisions. As always there will be the question: Which paintings will be in and how can I match them together as a good collection representing me at this very moment? And then, of course, who am I at the moment? Well, I'm glad I made a...


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