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Marloes Bloedjes, alias Luz, is a Dutch fine artist. She creates colourful abstract paintings and mixed media artworks.

my eyes made me turn to art

“Never being able to see like the others made me tune inside. What I found there was a rich inner world, full of colours and landscapes. Here you can discover this world, and the story behind it.” 


the need for art

“Through my art I feel a deep connection with myself and my inner world. If there were no art, there would be no me.”


THE STORY OF Luz Artworks

There’s a rich inner world inside of every mind. I discovered mine in the darkest time of my life: the period when I wasn’t able to see more than 5%, just with one eye. Turning inside made me discover art and art has been helping me through in a magical way ever since. I made myself a promise: if my eye can be cured, I will definitely choose to be a professional artist. After surgery, my sight was 65%, even the doctors said it was a miracle.

So I had to keep my promise. For 5 years I have been running an art business in the Netherlands. Both in order to make art growing out of my vibrant, colorful inner world and to let others discover their own inner path by making art.

I can’t wait to share this world with you!

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abstract art

mixed media


my art intentions for 2019

I've already posted some important stuff I want to do for my art business this year, but there came up so much more by writing those down. What do I want to create in 2019? In my paintings and artworks I want to grow and I want to do some new things. There are some new series I want to start with, but also things I've done in the past I want to expand. So, this is just the start of the list of things I intend to do in 2019, as this list is still growing: making new cat cards I've already...

my business intentions for 2019

MEETING INSPIRING PEOPLE Building up my social network, meeting wonderful people whether they are art colleagues, inspiring people or customers. All to keep the business inspiring, but of course running! To me it's important to have everything balanced. Not too much social media, but a few moments a day it's good to share your thoughts and choose the inspiration you're looking for. I don't want to be overwhelmed and prefer a few good contacts rather than a lot people who are not serieus...

The top 5 most remarkable art related adventures in 2018

#5. having a great time with the group of local artist that set up a project to save the trees last summer This summer I worked on a project with a couple of local artists because there were some trees to be chopped. I love the estate of Marquette, it's one of my favorite places to go with students to paint. Missing those hundred year old trees would be a disaster... Even though the decision came to definitely chop them, I had a couple of great events with the artists. After the events we...

the online painting workshop ‘landscapes in lines’ and why it’s taking us so long

when will the online painting workshop 'landscapes in lines' be there? When I'm doing a project I love I can't shut my mouth... I want to shout it out to the rest of the world and keep on talking about it. So, that was what happened when our plan rose to create an online painting workshop and we recorded our first one, titled  'Landscapes in lines', late September. It was amazing! My enthusiasm couldn't be tempered, even if the process wasn't going as fast and spotless as we wanted. But now,...

the power of getting lost

we take the same road often We use to take the same roads again and again, literally and also in our painting process. We take the paint, the colors and the surface that we're familiar with and everything's going well. But, sometimes it's better to do something completely new. Or, do it in a way you've never done before. Have you ever painted with your 'wrong hand', with your eyes closed or upside down (the last thing I do very often when teaching the children their art lessons so that's...

giving yourself permission to paint

For the second time this year I had a group of wonderful students in my painting class. All of them were starters. Two of them already did a lot with drawing and other techniques, but never with acrylic paint. The other one was totally blank. My goal with the course is to make people paint from within theirselves. To give them confidence to listen to the artist in them and just... play! That's how it was for me, when I started painting almost 15 years ago. It was like a great adventure that...

newspaper dagblad kennemerland december 7, 2018

Text: Gwendolyn Luijck Photo: Anthony VerolmeHeemskerk * As if the colors of nature are calling her. That's how Marloes Bloedjes - artist, painting teacher and writer - describes a moment of inspiration. She managed to develop her talent, despite of a congenital eye disorder (glaucoma). Her paintings are showing seas of colors, purple trees, yellow fields, blue hills and pink flowers. "I've always had a rich inner world. I wanted to share it, even more when I saw the world outside of me worse...

too much on my mind to make art (is it true?)

October ends, November starts... Basically not my favorite time of the year. I just feel a bit overwhelmed by everything I've been doing lately. My work is not only about creating art, I have around 20 art students that take lessons, individually or in a group. Next to that, there was an exhibition ending this week, so we had to pick up my paintings. Already two new exhibitions are in the planning! That's good news! Two paintings have been sold. Also very good news! Trying to make appointments...


When a painting starts seeing YOU and tells you her story, you're on the right path

all you need is to enter this world

After an afternoon of being all by myself painting is a big relief. I feel gratitude and I feel so good to be with myself again. If this is the world inside of me, I need to enter this every single day of my life!  That’s my need! And I need to share it with everyone who wants to be in it.  All you need is to enter the porch and look around. Don’t forget to throw all your fears aside and go into the amazing garden.  This world is one with enough space and peace and it’s a healing place. You’re...


For almost 5 year Luz has been giving art lessons for children, teenagers and adults in The Netherlands. Soon you can join painting workshops by Luz worldwide! Sign up for all upcoming information!
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