Hi, I’m Luz!

There’s a rich inner world inside of every mind. I discovered mine in the darkest time of my life: the period when I wasn’t able to see more than 5%, just with one eye, because of cataract (my right eye is blind since childhood). Turning inside made me discover art and art has been helping me through in a magical way ever since. I made myself a promise: if my eye can be cured, I will definitely choose to be a professional artist. After surgery, my sight was 65%, even the doctors said it was a miracle!

So I kept my promise. For 8 years now, I have been running my art school and art business in The Netherlands. So that I can make my art grow from my vibrant, colourful inner world and to guide people in discovering their own inner path by creating art. I can’t wait to share this world with you!

Painting Classes and Paintings by Luz – Paint from Your Inner World

My Paintings

For me, creating a painting often starts with closing my eyes and see the world inside of me. Sometimes I pick up impressions on my daily walks. I am very inspired by nature and I love mixing colours until I find a deep inner balance. It’s a very intuitive process. I work until everything feels right.

Painting Serenity by Marloes Bloedjes - on the wall

Abstract Art

I use a variety of materials and techniques in my work, like paper, textiles and things I collect on my daily walks. Here you will see all my abstract  paintings.

Painting Garden View by Marloes Bloedjes - on the wall

Flower Paintings

I love painting botanical elements, flowers and gardens in a very abstract way. Sometimes, I want to look at a specific flower very closely to create a study of it, like Hibiscus.

Painting Taking a new step by Marloes Bloedjes - Luz Artworks

Figures & Portraits

I don’t often intend to paint people; they just appear in my work. As a teenager I always drew faces when I was bored at school, I guess it’s still in me. 😉

Painting Classes

Painting is a wonderful way to express yourself, especially in hard times. It could help you to bring more balance in your life, overcome issues, get outside your mind and meet some new parts of your soul. O, and did I say that painting is big fun? Click the button below to visit my school website Brave Art Academy.

Learn to paint from your home

In my art classes I encourage you to follow your heart and do what you love. It’s about the process rather than the outcome. But I’ll bet you’ll be having surprising results!

You can watch my video lessons from your PC or tablet and smartphone. My classes are fully compatible with all portable devices (iOS and Android), connected to the internet. You get my support and feedback as well as from other students via the private classrooms. Each class comes with a PDF-workbook including exercises, inspiring images and background information.

Abstract Classes

In the class ‘Beyond Colour Fields’ we focus on colour, composition and printing techniques. For this class our main material is acrylic paint.

Painting Pattern Playing Yellow by Luz Artworks, Marloes Bloedjes

Mixed Media Classes

There’s a series of 3 mixed media classes: Pattern Playing, Fantasy Flowers and Mixed Media Angels. In these classes you’ll be working with acrylic paint combined with paper, fabrics, markers, etc..

Painting on Location Classes

In these classes I am showing you my process working (partly) on location. So, If you like being in nature and you want to challenge yourself: paint trees, flowers and landscapes with me!

luz at marquette

“Luz is a wonderful teacher with a relaxed but energetic style. I never felt pressured or stressed. She interacts with the participants all the way through and was very encouraging. I really learned so much! 5/5


Rockford, IL

Mini Landscapes (6 pieces)

Mini LandscapesAcrylic on 3D-canvas10x10 cm2023 Series of six, without frame: € 375,00One piece: € 75,00  More about this painting“Abstract paintings in my new favourite colours, created with palette knife." 

Van Life: My favourite art supplies on the road

In this video I share with you which art supplies I took with me, when we travelled through France. https://www.youtube.com/embed/f38xh58UiAM

Super Studio Sale

I am having a big once-a-year sale on a part of my paintings at the moment! I've created a mini exhibition which you can watch below. Not all the paintings are displayed on this website, but please have a look at my Dutch website Toverzicht to see all my paintings. If you want to purchase one or more items, please send me an email to [email protected] and I will save the work for you, and let...

Free Tutorial DIY Patterned Tape

Designing your own tape is a great and addictive thing to do. You just need some painter's tape, acrylic paint and some pens and markers of your choice. Watch the full video here! https://www.youtube.com/embed/HrJ6XrAqoxU

New Class Out Now: The Joy of Drawing Patterns

Yeah! Today is the day; we have launched a new class. It's an introduction to drawing and designing your own patterned paper which you can use for many purposes. In the class I guide you through a few simple steps to design your patterns on kraft paper. As soon as you're getting started with your pattern drawing, you will discover the meditative and relaxing effect. For me, it's a number one...

5 Ways to keep your artistic flow going

Often it is just happening. Daily life is taking too much attention and we forget how, or better said, when to create art. Or, we feel just a bit tired and find no energy... or no inspiration. The art of creating is not always making art itself. Sometimes we just need some inspiration from the outer world... So here's what I do when I can't find it in myself: Visit the local library or go to a...

The Pros & Cons of Working in Your Home Art Studio

In this blog I will be chatting about the last year and how it was for me to get used to working at home again, after working in a light and spacious studio in an old school building for over two years. That place gave me the feeling of independence and growth, personally and in my art business. I could totally allow myself and others to create! I know that I carry those values inside of me,...

Test and Review: Brayers and Rollers for Acrylic Painting

So, here it is: The Brayer & Rollers Review! I’ve put this video in my online courses, but thought it would be helpful to everyone working with acrylic paint. https://www.youtube.com/embed/jg75K4-QpbQ I use rollers and brayers for my basic technique to fill a painting with the first layer and find it amazing to see the effects! In this video I compare various brayers and rollers differing in...

A walk around Schokland + Painting Time-lapse

In this video we take you with us on our walk around Schokland, a former island in the Zuiderzee, The Netherlands. It is a beautiful place, no wonder that it's on the World Unesco Heritage List. After we have taken these shots in October, 2021, I played with the idea of painting something inspired by this landscape. At the end of the video I share with you a time lapse of my art piece....

Inspired by Nature

This painting is called ‘Hibiscus’.

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