No matter how troubled you are, the artist in you is always there. She might feel frightened, troubled or lost. It’s up to you to rediscover her, or at least to take the first step. Everyone has her own way to go back to that silent inner place. What do you feel that is good for you? When do you hear vibrant voices that give you clear ideas? 

To me cycling helps, even when I don’t like it that much. Maybe that’s just the reason why I start singing, to make it more pleasant. On those stormy days, sitting on my bicycle I try to forget and I’m just making it nicer (more comfortable) for myself: as if I am with a child that I have to comfort. I sing it to sleep. I sing the storm asleep. 

What’s your way to get back to your artist? The place where you hear the voices? That’s the place where you need to be, it’s just one step away to see your own magical inner world.