busy creative kid

Ever since I was a child I worked on more than one project. Yes, since I was a child. I wrote little stories, that came out of playing endlessly. I also drew a lot and also that led me to stories. Mostly I had one main theme that took me completely for a while. One of these things was a story about a ladybug that could change into human size. Next to that there were side themes that I jumped into sometimes. Even as a kid I realized I couldn’t do it all and sometimes that really worried me. Would there ever be a moment when all projects were finished? And could I simply start something new, without thinking about where it would go next? Playing is always without a plan. 

just one creative project at the time…

A couple of years ago I decided to skip some side projects, as making music and also writing is at a very low level. It’s giving me a good feeling that I don’t need to juggle all the creative balls anymore. 

but still too many ideas to paint!

Nowadays, being ‘just’ a painter, I still cannot say I’m working on one piece, or even one series. It happens to me that I have too many ideas and jump into them all. 2019 seems to be a year with a lot of new big things, like the online classes, with themes like landscapes and flower fields. I also jumped into portrait painting during winter, had a commission for a large canvas that took me some months and the last weeks I’ve been working on a dune series. For an abstract painter like me, these are all things going into a very realistic direction. And for all of them I need a plan. 

you need play time

Nothing really changes for so far. Just a thin voice whispering: you need play time! All the projects are screaming: No, no, no, you first have to finish … (a list of 20 or more things). But the girl behind the voice ignores all of those noise makers and just starts on a blank canvas, showing courage and strength.

She plays for a long, long while, then stops and the other voices gather around the new piece. O yes, where were we? Another thing to finish! 

enter the magical door

Then that one childlike voice walks away and keeps her confidence. She’s willing to finish it, when the time is right. She’s willing to rest when it’s time to rest. She lives in the moment and pours out of a source that is magical. That is a source that all that other voices will never enter because they worry too much. She stays true to herself and goes with the flow, no matter if she’s writing a song, painting a new piece or works on a blogpost.