October ends, November starts… Basically not my favorite time of the year. I just feel a bit overwhelmed by everything I’ve been doing lately. My work is not only about creating art, I have around 20 art students that take lessons, individually or in a group. Next to that, there was an exhibition ending this week, so we had to pick up my paintings. Already two new exhibitions are in the planning! That’s good news! Two paintings have been sold. Also very good news! Trying to make appointments with people, cleaning up the attic (to make space for all the paintings), ordering some more wooden frames for the next exhibitions… In the meanwhile I’m working on this brand new website, try to write some blog posts and I’m working on the online workshop ‘Landscapes in lines’, together with my boyfriend.

But no, that’s not enough for me. Because I haven’t mentioned my most important activity: making art! Simply going back to a blank canvas and discovering what’s inside of me and turning that into a painting. I’ve been driven by that. When I paint, I feel true contact with myself and my inner world. If I’m not painting, I’m missing something in my life. I miss myself!

And to make it even worse, I’ve had a bit of a cold last week. I had to cancel all my art classes and felt sad about that. But at least sitting still and listening to my body gave me time to think over where I am going. As a little sign: Hey, where are you heading? You’re doing very important things. But don’t you forget the most important thing? PAINTING!

OK, so I sit down, sipping my tea and mull it over. I still have a huge list of things I need to do for myself and my business. And I still LOVE all my activities. But I need to schedule some art-time! That’s the promise to myself: there are at least two painting sessions for this week!