In this blog I will be chatting about the last year and how it was for me to get used to working at home again, after working in a light and spacious studio in an old school building for over two years. That place gave me the feeling of independence and growth, personally and in my art business. I could totally allow myself and others to create! I know that I carry those values inside of me, still. Nevertheless, I miss the space to work for myself.

The pro’s of having a studio on location:

  • Having a space that is completely yours to focus on your art fully;
  • all your art stuff is within hand reach, you don’t need to prepare;
  • you can invite people to paint with you, teach art lessons;
  • you can organize workshops, exhibitions and parties;
  • the journey from your home to the studio makes you able to let go of your daily life and tune into your little art world;
  • if you work in a space where other people work, you could have inspiring meetings and help each other grow and have some fun together.

The pro’s of having a home studio:

  • you don’t have to travel through rain, storm and snow to paint;
  • you can paint any time you like, for example at night;
  • you don’t have to pay (extra) rent;
  • you can enjoy your pets; you could work outside easily (if you have a garden).

For me it’s really a requirement to have a working table and an opportunity to let my work dry. If you live in your house with other people, you need to make clear appointments when your’e work in the living room. Everyone must be able to be in that space sometimes! Another thing I discovered – although she is the cutest one on earth – I shouldn’t leave palettes with wet paint on the table, and for her own sake, not to leave paint water to clean brushes either…

For now, I decided to work at home for a while and not to continue teaching on a weekly base, because Anthony and I are working on a BIG new project that takes all our time!