So, here it is: The Brayer & Rollers Review! I’ve put this video in my online courses, but thought it would be helpful to everyone working with acrylic paint.

I use rollers and brayers for my basic technique to fill a painting with the first layer and find it amazing to see the effects! In this video I compare various brayers and rollers differing in size and brand. Many of you asked which roller or brayer I use to create amazing backgrounds or first layers for a painting and where to buy it. Since the roller that I mostly use is hard to find outside The Netherlands/Europe,

I ordered several rollers and brayers and tested their effects for you. I must say, I was very surprised by the results! The majority of these rollers are globally available. At the end of the video I’ll reveal my roller top 3. And surprise! The roller that I have always used so far, isn’t even my fav.

This spontaneous video was recorded without our usual professional gear, but I’m sure you’ll gather all the information you need from it. Enjoy! I paid for all he rollers & brayers mentioned in this video.

You can find them in your local hardware store, or online:

Essdee soft rubber ink roller 4 inch

Speedball Deluxe soft brayer 2 inch

Stanley Dynagrip soft seam roller

Harris Premier Wallpaper Edge Seam Roller

Perfax soft seam roller, currently not available online

Silicone Seam Pressure Roller 45mm