Painting Strength wall by Luz Artworks Marloes Bloedjes


Acrylic on canvas, framed
120×80 cm

€ 800,-
Worldwide shipping


More about this painting

“Sometimes a new phase in your life needs a new painting. This was going to be our ‘living room painting’ when my love and I started living together. Combining our furniture and stuff and most important to me, our colors. We both need to fit in this new home style! 

As we enter a new period in our lives, this painting must have enough strength in it foresee that time. It has to be our living room painting for a while, you see!

For everyone it’s a new time so I wanted to give us all a bit of strength and light with this work. When I started on this canvas I made very impulsive horizontal stripes and I explored several stamping techniques. I used carton board for that. There was so much going on that I decided to remove a lot. That’s why this painting has a lot of structure. It didn’t just need strength and expression, it also needed something more subtle. In the end it became a painting which gives a powerful energy as well as a space. And exactly those two elements are what we all need right now!” 


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