Painting In a Warm Place by Marloes Bloedjes Luz Artworks - on the wall

A Warm Place

Acrylic & mixed media on canvas
70×100 cm, framed

€ 600,-
Shipping worldwide


More about this painting

“A warm place is the last one based on a meditation session. In this one I added a warm pink to the rusty orange. I’ve been searching for a perfect combination of pink and orange, as someone at primary school told me said this was ‘not done’! With this one I’ve proved that it can turn out wonderful. These two colors combined make me feel so comfortable and safe. I’ve worked with a lot of different paper (frottage) ropes, fabrics like I did in Openings, Towers and Firewood. It’s hard to decide when a piece is finished, this one is because I don’t dare to work on her (it – but you could choose to use ‘her’, it sounds good!) anymore!”

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