Just a week after I dropped my first vlog, the sad news came to me that I have to move out of my studio very soon. My studio is in an old school building and I rented it on a anti-cracking base, with a month notice. So, before I signed the contract, I was aware of this. Last year there were already some rumours that there was a school that needed more space, and as my building used to be a school building, it was especially reserved for this aim. At the end of the second adult lesson, I had a phone call that I had to leave my studio in November.

Oops. The first question was: How can I continue my lessons with the students? And the second one: How do I move everything… to our small house? Finding a new studio is no option for me, as there are not really alternatives and… we have another plan for 2022 (sooooon more about that). I had to figure out if there was a way to continue my – just started up – lessons and that wonderfully turned out fine! While selling some furniture and other stuff in the studio, I’ve got a message from a fellow artist. She wanted to have my tables and chairs for her activities for the local scouting club. And by the way, was I in need for a working space? Yes!! So the perfect space came to me. It’s just for my Monday morning group… but well, it’s great that I can continue their course, for at least this year.

The children will be having their lessons in our living room, as it is about just 5 lessons until the end of the year. So, everything’s gonna be alright! 🙂 So, in this video I’m chatting about that subject. I also show you a short tutorial how to use the dotting technique creating a tree and how to bring in shadow and light. It’s a little part of our online course ‘Trees in the Light’