We are on YouTube now!

This is my very first vlog, welcome! In future there will be more art related videos with artist interviews, short painting tutorials, behind the scenes videos, the making of paintings and glimpses of my daily life as an artist and an art teacher. I am also thinking about Q&A parts, so if you have any art related question, please let me know!

A glimpse of my art studio: this is what my students create…

In this video I’ll be showing you what a regular week in my studio looks like. I am teaching painting lessons to both adults and children. In between I create my own art pieces. With my adults I am working on (abstract) landscapes this season. It’s one of my favorite subjects and I am looking forward to create a longer course about landscapes. The students paint with acrylics and sometimes with mixed media materials like paper. During this first lesson, I invited everyone to try out various tools that they haven’t used yet. Trying new things and being playful are very important to grow in your art. Some of the students used the palette knife for the very first time, some of them selected colors they have never worked before. It was really about ‘daring’ to do something new. With the children I worked on little plants. The first step is to draw the plant in front of you. Then, there were different materials to colour it in; i.e. markers, ecolinebrushes, fluid acrylic paint and various kinds of inks. When finished with the plant, it was time to find another seat, with another plant and another technique was waiting.

Browsing through new pages of my art journal

At the end of the video, I’ll take you to my own art. These days, I am working a lot in my journal. It’s a perfect way to calm my mind and I have not too many in mind. It’s a wonderful way to experiment with new colors, new techniques and tools. In that way, I am always challenging myself just as much as I challenge my students.

I hope you’ll enjoy this video. If so, please give me a thumbs up, write something in the comments and subscribe to my channel. I hope to see you next time!