In this video I have an inspiring conversation with Annemiki Bok, one of the Dutch painters I admire. She creates wonderful paintings in bright colours; mainly landscapes and portrait. I followed a masterclass in her light and spacious studio in Emmeloord, which was a great experience. For me, working with oil paint was already a while ago and Annemiki invited us to work with a palette knife, which is kind of new to me. Although we were both a bit tired at the end of the day, we found some time to have a chat.

The interview is all about art; what inspires her; how she became an artist and at the end of the video she also shares some art tips and give some advice about how to become a good painter. Of course, you see a glimpse of her studio and some of her paintings. You can find more information about Annemiki on her website.

Are you an artist and do you want to have a conversation about art with me too? Please let me know!