As you maybe remember from my earlier posts, I had to leave my studio and was planning to continue my studio at home. I had a group of adults that really wanted to continue their lessons, but unfortunately they don’t fit in our small living room…

But, to everything is a solution! When I was selling my tables and chairs on the Dutch eBay, I had a message from a local artist. She wanted to buy these. I called her right away and she said: “Are you looking for a location for your painting class? I work as a volunteer at the local scouting club.”

I had already told my adult’s group that we were forced to stop the lessons, as I had no other place to go. How happy they were, when I told them this news! After I returned the keys of my studio, I brought some painting materials to this new place… and look: here in this video you see what a wonderful space we have. Did I say, a wonderful place with a great view… and a castle in the backyard! I love the smoothness of how things go sometimes.

So, this is the location where I work with them. Yes, it’s in the backyard of the castle “Slot Assumburg” in my hometown Heemskerk, The Netherlands.
In this video, I will be showing you how a lesson in my studio looks like, from introduction to working out a painting and finally, the evaluation of the student’s work.
The weather was so nice that we even had the change to have some exercises outside. We started the lesson with our coats on and I prepared the students to sketch outside, using a frame. I explain everything in Dutch, so I a little part of my online class ‘Landscapes in Lines’ is added to this video which is all about painting abstract landscapes.
After the introduction everyone went outside with a clipboard with paper and charcoal and a frame as an image viewer to find nice impressions to sketch. Some of the students took a little walk, most of them stayed close to the building. The sketches didn’t need to be too detailed, we were just focussing on composition. Some students were also taking pictures with their phone and cropped them afterwards.
In the next part of the lesson the students were working out their landscapes or other paintings that they’ve been working on in former lessons.
In the final part of the lesson I evaluate with my students their results. You see, I use the frames again, now to border the paintings to see how they would look like, framed, or hanging on a wall. Some paintings I kept in the sun to see how magical and bright they look like. You can see everybody has been very productive and they all went home inspired and satisfied.

If you want to paint landscapes, please check out my online course ‘Landscapes in Lines’.