Building up my social network, meeting wonderful people whether they are art colleagues, inspiring people or customers. All to keep the business inspiring, but of course running! To me it’s important to have everything balanced. Not too much social media, but a few moments a day it’s good to share your thoughts and choose the inspiration you’re looking for. I don’t want to be overwhelmed and prefer a few good contacts rather than a lot people who are not serieus interested in what I do and who I am.


I’ve always loved writing and I’ve only just begun! This blogs are important for me to guide myself through this sometimes crazy and chaotic world, just like art does. But I want to share it with you so you can have inspiration or ideas too! I’d love to write more about paintings, the process of making art, the challenge with having a low vision, and lots of other things. Though I have enough ideas, please ask me what you want to know! Then I dedicate a blog post to that item.


As I’ve told you, we’re busy with creating our first online workshop ‘Landscapes in Lines’ which will be launched soon. Already now I’m full of ideas for a few brand new workshops. And yes, also here I ask you again: What do you want to learn? I will keep everything in mind by creating the next art lessons.


We’ve started thinking about online classes because I wanted to meet more people in other countries. My love and I had a wonderful van trip one year ago and we want that again! We want to be inspired by new landscapes, new people, new food and all other new. We’re not sure yet where to go, but sure is that we go! And I’m even thinking about giving workshops at other places, I’d love to do that, if you have ideas, you’re welcome to share them with me!


And, last but not least: PAINTING so much. more… All I do doesn’t feel like work really, but painting is my meditation and relaxation. I need it to be close to myself and feel what’s all in me. I will write another blog about what’s happening when I paint and how I can cope with life and everything what that’s about. But for now, this is my list! Hope you will share what your plans for 2019 are!