I’ve already posted some important stuff I want to do for my art business this year, but there came up so much more by writing those down. What do I want to create in 2019? In my paintings and artworks I want to grow and I want to do some new things. There are some new series I want to start with, but also things I’ve done in the past I want to expand. So, this is just the start of the list of things I intend to do in 2019, as this list is still growing:

making new cat cards

I’ve already created one series of Winter Cats a few years ago. This was a Gelli Print project and I had 3 series, one with Christmas Balls, one with Winter Flowers and one Winter Cats. I really liked to do this and I want to have more cat studies. Maybe there will be paintings out later, in the first place I want to study cats, make masks of my final drawings and print them… And, because I already have Winter cats I love to do it in a more Spring and Summer like way.

work lighter

There will be a new blog about this topic soon, as one client attended me on my paintings are mostly ‘dark’. That’s subjective, of course, but it started me thinking. For already a period I am trying to bring more light into my work – ha my name is Luz, isn’t it? Using more white and other bright colors is really a challenge because I always cling to the deeper colors. This is going to be a process where I work on the next year.


Last year I gave myself a portrait challenge: to draw every cousin of my family from my mother’s side. I’ve done some of them, but stopped because it was taking me so much time (working 2 or 3 full days on one piece) and I simply have too many cousins (around 20). This year I don’t want to put myself in 100-day challenges and things like that, because that gives me too much pressure. But, I feel the energy to work on some portraits again, whether they are from cousins, old masters like Rembrandt and Van Gogh, or selfie portraits.


Currently I stepped in a new color phase: blueish and greenish and I think I stay there for a while in the start of the year. Spring will always tell me what colors there will be later in the year.

flowers, florals and plants

When I see bouquets of flowers or pictures on Instagram with flowers, plants and botanicals I feel the need to draw them. Especially when there are beautiful color combinations in it. I’m not sure what I’ll be working with yet, as I am not really a watercolor person, I think it will be gouache, or acrylics combined with acrylic inks.

gelli printing and pattern making

Over the last months I discovered I could use a lot of pattern work and gelli prints into my artworks. I used them for my last angel cards and now use pattern papers and ‘failed’ gelli prints into my paintings as well. It’s really fun to do, combining them with the background of a painting, fitting them in properly and adding more paint… It’s an amazing process that I’d love to continue.