“This painting gave some struggles when I’ve been working on it. That had something to do with my conditions at that moment. My left – and only – eye was damaged by cataract and my vision was around 5%. In the Spring of 2014, we still managed to plan our holiday to Italy and found out there that it was very hard to maintain with a sight like that. I lived through the screen of my iPhone to see the world around me. Of course, it was exhausting for my eyes. Simply exploring the city was hard; where are stairs, objects in the way, etcetera… To go short, we had a lovely but also horrible time. We decided to get home the day after. 

Unless our adventure was challenging and short, I’ve seen also a few beautiful things that were still around back home. I couldn’t place them directly, but felt they need to be part of this painting. Where it churches, people? Soon after I started I felt kind of lost in this work. 

After my surgery, in the Summer of 2014, my sight increased to almost 70%! I felt so lucky that I decided to choose painting as a fulltime job. In the Autumn of that year, after many layers of paint, I finished Assisi. It showing church windows and doors and a lots of figures that are all symbolic for our time before, in and after Assisi.”