I feel the need to give a little update about the past few weeks. They have been not easy, but I am happy to be here and able to chat about it. As always, just before Summer, It was a time of finishing my children’s course. This year we created a wonderful book of games, puzzles and cartoons altogether, to keep drawing and doing games during holidays. Also, I had the last session with my favorite client Timo, who used to visit me each morning. On top of that I had a great Gelli print workshop live in my studio . At the same time Anthony and I were working on the last bits of the online version of that same workshop. Also I had plans to create and record two or three online courses, I was even thinking about a longer course… O, and did I mention I was working on two large 100×100 cm canvases? Yup.

There would be holidays still. Not that it have been too busy in the past months, wasn’t it? Yes, there were some appointments, I had a lovely plan to record an online workshop in a beautiful garden. And last but not least, we had some sad news from two dear people in my family. Now, I thought I could deal with that, my eyes thought I could not. What happened was that I woke up one morning (two weeks ago) with a painful eye. For the ones who don’t know: I am able to just see with one eye. That painful eye, yep. It’s going up and down since then. I am very happy that I can go to the studio and paint for just one hour and I managed to organize 2 workshops in my studio too. But I feel that especially digital work demands a lot from my eye.

That’s why Anthony and I decided to release our Botanical Gelli Plate course in September, after Summer. So, I can have time to rest, to think about some new courses and make some time to paint myself. It feels strange, especially because I’ve been out for almost three months at the start of 2021 too. But there’s nothing I can do about it.

What I will do, is keeping you posted, try to share some new ideas with you, and stay in touch. I believe there’s something good in each period, in each day, in each moment.

And this moment, while I can of course not wait to paint and create new contant and classes, is precious as well. Why? Read it in my next blog.