Painting Sparkle No. 1 by Luz Artworks, Marloes Bloedjes

Often it is just happening. Daily life is taking too much attention and we forget how, or better said, when to create art. Or, we feel just a bit tired and find no energy… or no inspiration. The art of creating is not always making art itself. Sometimes we just need some inspiration from the outer world… So here’s what I do when I can’t find it in myself:

  • Visit the local library or go to a good bookshop. Just browsing through (art) books can help you get new impressions;
  • I love plants and flowers, so going to a Hortus Botanicus or a fancy plant shop can help me see specimen I don’t know yet;
  • Take a short (or a longer) walk in your neighborhood and be aware of the beauty around you. Make a list of at least 3 things that could be used for your artwork;
  • Visit a place with lots of animals and kids… I really love looking at animals and people, who are actually kind of the same… it helps me to get out of my own mind and just see what’s happening RIGHT NOW! Especially kids are really openminded; so this might happen to you when you see them or interact with them;
  • Go to the hardware store or your favorite art supply store and make a list of 10 colours you adore most!