Whether you are a professional painter or you are someone who likes to paint sometimes, you might be interested in how to stay in flow. After a busy period it can be hard to tune into your creativity and find your painting flow again. You first need to still the mind… or do you just start? Here are some tips to get your way in!

  1. Calm your mind… There are many voices over there. You don’t have to listen to them, you can simply let them pass by as the landscape passes you by when you drive in your car. Whatever your way is, meditation, yoga or something more physical like sports, do it and it will reset you!
  2. Go to some places you’ve never been before… There’s nothing like being on the road and discovering new places. If you have no car or no budget to go on a far away destination, go to somewhere close to your home. You don’t need to go far! The best places are just around the corner. You only have to wake your eyes again before you see it.
  3. Make a collage… When you’re having a walk, take the things you find on your walk with you to make a collage. You can gather inspiration by looking at plants, leafs, flowers and other things out of nature.
  4. Read a book about art… And of course, look at all the inspiring images inside! When you don’t have much money to buy books, go to the library.
  5. Go to the museum… Look on the internet what exhibitions are going on in your favorite museums. Don’t forget to bring your notebook and sketchbook to collect your ideas.
  6. Meet some art friends… Chatting with inspiring people can be the most exciting thing! I take care for my inner creative part by listening what she needs and sometimes I can’t find it when I’m on my own. Plan an painting session with some of your art friends!
  7. Just start… I’m postponing being creative so often, but when I just begin every problem seems to disappear. When you still hear all those voices in your mind…
  8. Put on a podcast about art… While listening to wonderful and inspiring artist, you forget that fuzz in your head.
  9. Work on more pieces at the same time… If you get stuck on one piece, you can simply hop into another painting and find your way in again.
  10. Write morning pages… I came to this idea years ago when I read the book ‘The Artist’s Way’ written by Julia Cameron. One of the best things she said was to find back your own voice. When you’ve got overwhelmed a lot by everything that’s happening around you – like me – you can write it all down. Sometimes amazing ideas are coming up while writing.