In the Hills

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, framed
50×150 cm (3D)

€ 1000,- with frame
€ 900,- without frame
Shipping worldwide

More about this painting

“After our holidays traveling with the camper van, where I did many on the road sketches, I stayed addicted to drawing the landscapes around and within me. There’s so much fun in drawing while driving, even if you’re getting a bit car sick like me… It helped me to develop my feeling for composition. 

Back home I first made September Fields and after that I wanted to make a panorama landscape. The panorama canvas asked me for a totally other way of working than I was used to. I had to make sketches over and over again, forcing me to make a good plan before getting started. After many changes and layers, this French landscape came above in the canvas.” 


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