Acrylic on canvas, framed
100×120 cm (3D)

€ 1500,-
Shipping worldwide

More about this painting

“This painting was a bit of a struggle while I was working on it. That had something to do with my health at the time. My left – and only – eye was damaged by cataract and my vision was around 5%. In the Spring of 2014, we still managed to plan our holiday to Italy and found out there that it was very hard to enjoy. I lived through the screen of my iPhone enabling me to see the world around me. Of course, it was exhausting for my eyes. Simply exploring the little city of Assisi was hard,  since there are stairs, people and a lot of objects in the way… To cut it short we had a lovely but also horrible time. We decided to get home the next day.

Although our adventure was challenging and short, I also saw a few beautiful things that were still around back home. I couldn’t place them directly, but felt they needed to be part of this painting. Were they churches, people? My inner image of the painting to be was as vague as my vision. Soon after I started it I felt kind of lost in this work. 

After my surgery, in the Summer of 2014, my vision increased to almost 70%! I felt so lucky that I decided to choose painting as a fulltime job. In the Autumn of that year, after many layers of paint, I finished Assisi. It showing church windows and doors and lots of figures that are all symbolic for our time before, in and after Assisi.” 


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