Painting Dune Landscape by Marloes Bloedjes - Luz Artworks
Dune Landscape by Marloes Bloedjes - on the wall

Dune Landscape 

Acrylic on canvas
120×80 cm (3D)


More about this painting

“This one started with an abstract background with trees in the distance. I quickly developed the foreground into a landscape, but the composition kept changing. There was even a girl in the landscape. I was not completely satisfied with it. But then, suddenly, on one of our daily walks, we came across a beautiful field with yellow flowers There was a magical sunset that put everything in a golden light. Horses in the distance, little purple flowers… I knew this had to do something with this particular painting Because the weather was so nice outside, I continued to paint on the schoolyard (my studio is in a former school) until I had captured the atmosphere of the dune landscape. Usually it works the other way around. You paint a landscape of something you know. Now I saw the landscape in real and I thought about my painting with the girl.”


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