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Painting taking a new step by Marloes Bloedjes - on the wall

Taking a New Step

Acrylic on canvas
100×100 cm

€ 1100,- (without frame)
Shipping worldwide

More about this painting

“There is a lot of layering in this canvas, because it has been overpainted so many times. Eventually this dreamy landscape in which a young woman appeared. I am not the one to tell what comes up in a painting. This woman was the one who told me: ‘You are going to take a new step. and you are going to leave a lot behind you. It is coming. You can look back on a very beautiful landscape. But do you already know how beautiful the landscape is where you end up?’ This is what I felt very clearly when I was working on this painting.
A few weeks ago there was a woman in my studio. She walked straight to this painting and said: ‘This is the recovery room.’ I was thinking of the room you come to from surgery. But she explained, ‘This is where a person comes when he or she has died. It is indeed a bit like a hospital room that you are allowed to visit. When you wake up, you can see these landscapes outside the windows.'”


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