turquoise & blue paintings

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Deze afbeelding laat het schilderij 'Flowers' van Marloes Bloedjes zien.

flowers70 x 70 cm

painting green portals by Luz / Marloes Bloedjes

assisi100 x 120 cm

painting winter by Luz / Marloes Bloedjes

winter40 x 50 cm

This image shows the painting Autumn leaves by Luz / Marloes Bloedjes.

autumn leaves100 x 70 cm

painting flourish and flow by Luz / Marloes Bloedjes

flourish and flow green 130 x 30 cm

this image shows the painting rain wood by Luz / Marloes Bloedjes

rain woods40 x 40 cm

This image shows the painting 'Rose Garden' by Luz / Marloes Bloedjes.

green flower field88 x 30 cm

painting Freshness by Luz / Marloes Bloedjes

freshness80 x 60 cm

painting flourish and flow 2

flourish and flow green 230 x 30 cm

painting green landscape

green landscape40 x 40 cm

painting blue flower field

aquamarine flower field88 x 30 cm

This page contains all my turquoise and blue flower paintings.

luz at marquette

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