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Do you remember, when you were a child, you used to draw and paint? No matter what, you just did it! And now, you feel like somewhere on the way you’ve lost that magic of creating? Want to be in touch with your creative part again and embrace the joy of painting. The good news is… you still have it in you! Join me on my painting trips and I show you how to get in again.

Landscape in lines is developed in cooperation with photographer & videographer Anthony VerolmeClick on the images below to read more!

online class - trees in the light (free)

This class is all about trees! They are very important for us. We need them, giving us oxygen, we use their wood to build our houses and warm ourselves… and where would us artists be without paper, brushes, easels and all those stuff… And of course, they are a great source of inspiration for many painters! That’s why this class is dedicated to our wonderful tree friends. 

In the class we’ll work with acrylic paint and acrylic inks. We make a series of 4 trees. What makes this class such a rich experience is that you’re not solely focusing on trees as a subject, but also using tools which trees have provided for us. We’re working on wooden panels and using twigs for some of the detailed line work.

Another good thing about trees is, they’re always there! This class is suitable for all seasons. Wonderful blossom trees in spring, full and green crowns in summer, rusty colours in autumn and even in winter you can focus on the bare trees or evergreen trees.

Gathering inspiration in France, I invite you to go outside to meet your favourite trees and take the energy of them into your sketch. Back in my studio I show you how to make your tree series with acrylic paint and acrylic inks. From working on the foundation, colour choice and composition, through to developing your painting until you’re satisfied: I will share my process, step by step!

online class - sketch & walk (free)

Sketching and walking are such a great combination! Walking can be very meditative and it calms your mind. At least, that what is like to me! When you’re sketching you have a closer look at the beautiful things that you even didn’t know they were there. Keep walking and keep seeing more things you want to draw: that is the greatest challenge and you can do it in just 5 walks.


In every walk you learn a new art skill to improve your drawing. You don’t need much, just a pencil and a sketchbook. In this course you’ll have your daily walk and your daily art session in one! All you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter and you get the course link in your mailbox shortly after. So, what are you waiting for?

online class - painting - landscapes in lines

Have you always been excited by beautiful abstract landscapes and had a desire to create one yourself? How can you design your perfect composition? And, most importantly, how can you truly tell your story in a painting?

Well, in this online painting workshop you learn how to create an art piece with several acrylic layers and a strong compositional build up with lines. But first we step outside to discover the great Dutch landscapes and see how we can use their natural lines in our sketches. Last but not least, we enjoy the adventure of being outside. Because that’s one of the best things about being in nature and sketching!

Next we move inside, to capture our specific story. What was the best of what we experienced outside and how can we put that into a perfect painting? We develop a color palette that matches the story. After that, we apply our first layer and finally put our favorite sketch on the canvas. You get a step by step plan to finish your painting.


the magic of abstract painting

What’s so amazing about abstract painting? You can fully focus on the magic of colors and composition. Because it doesn’t have to ‘be something’, it’s just what it is.
When working on your art piece, you learn how to translate your story into colors and compositions that explain your world better than words ever could.

painting with acrylic

Luz is passionate about acrylic paint. If you look in the portfolio you will see that almost all the work is done with acrylics. It’s no surprise that this will be the material we will use to tell our stories with in most of the online painting classes. Another thing we will discover in, future workshops, is mixed media techniques. For each online art class you’ll get a list of supplies that you need.

Photo credits

Sketch & Walk: Anthony Verolme
Landscapes in Lines: Anthony Verolme
Working on it: Marloes Bloedjes
Umbrella: Monique Luiken
Tulip Field: Gina Verolme

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