After the very productive month of January, in which I created 6 larger pieces of art, and several smaller artworks, I was suddenly forced to stop all my activities. My eye (the only one I have left) was hurting for a week or so. I first thought I overworked a bit, because all the energy of inspiration… But, when I kept calm for a few days, nothing really changed. My eye didn’t improve and have even got worse. So finally, we’ve went to the academical hospital of Amsterdam where the doctors told me this not just an infection. Since I’ve been suffering from glaucoma, a filter is placed in my eye to regulate the eye pressure. That filter seems to have a small leak. Pressure will be not too high, so there’s no danger for eye damage. But, the leak will cause low eye pressure, which will have effects on the (temporally) vision. And, of course, a leak must be fixed. This won’t go naturally. For now, they’ve given me antibiotics and an appointment for … already, today.

You might guess what kind of world I was in the last few days… A lot of uncertainties, cancelling most of my lessons (and don’t know for how long!), no screens, absolutely no Netflix (addiction alarm 1), almost no Instagram and Facebook (addiction 2!), and -that’s what I regret the most – no painting… (is that an addiction? I don’t care… I miss it!) Β I still am so inspired and feel so much energy to work on some new pieces. I keep them all in mind and will turn to them again when possible. I hope that will be very soon. And also, writing this blog, goes with my last energy.

For now, I can only say: hope this all will turn out right and the doctor will bring me a good message! I keep you updated, maybe with a little help from others. I feel already now supported by lots of lovely people, thank you!

PS: If I don’t respond as quick as I am used to, please have some patience… As soon as possible I will answer all the messages, one by one.