Behind the scenes (Gelli plate class coming up)

I feel the need to give a little update about the past few weeks. They have been not easy, but I am happy to be here and able to chat about it. As always, just before Summer, It was a time of finishing my children’s course. This year we created a wonderful book...

A very visual world

Painting with low vision – 2014 In times like this, when my eye feels tired and painful, I realize how visual our world is nowadays. What can you do without eyes? Luckily, I am a creative person and I can think about numerous things to spend a day. One of those...
Integration of flowers and ladies

Integration of flowers and ladies

Recently I met an amazing artist on Instagram, Angela Smit. I love her drawings and journaling and she uses a wonderful colour palette. What I adore is the calmth and space in her work. For a long time I wanted to do some more journaling. I saw she had a great art...
Morning Pages

Morning Pages

Today I’ve started with writing ‘Morning Pages’ again. That means: write 3 pages, each morning. I don’t know if I am able to do that each morning, and I don’t want to be too hard for myself. But writing is a very good way to find my...
Painting, teaching & living without a plan

Painting, teaching & living without a plan

Recently I’ve been changing my way of working a bit. I am a very organised person, who plans a lot and wants to know what’s to come. When I’m teaching, I prepare a lesson with a theme or a particular technique. I create a step by step programme....
luz at marquette

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