Thank you for watching this video! In this video I’ll be showing you the first part of my most recent art journal. I started on this one December, last year and worked in it in phases that I was at home. The video starts with shouting out THANK YOU to all my new subscribers and the lovely comments on my previous art journal flip throughs. After that I take a moment to shortly introduce myself. If you want to see my brand new pages, make sure you watch it to the end!

One of the pages is created whilst recording my online class β€˜Weaving & Unravelling’ which will be launched in December.
You can find an overview of all my art journal & painting classes here:
Classes are English or Dutch spoken.

In this book I also show some pages that I created for the art journal lessons in my studio. Feel free to join!

  • Fall: painting objects related to Autumn, like leaves, pumpkins and mushrooms;
  • Mini collages: Choose 4 colours to work with and create tiny collages, using magazines, stamping and stenciling, pattern designs and make a balanced series of collages;
  • Mini books and things you can open and close: Create multiple layers on your spread, using mini books, music players, television screens, leprello mini books etc. etc. Listen to the wonderful piano compositions by Muriel Bostdorp:;
  • Mixed-media landscapes: Create landscapes with paint, paper, fabrics and other mixed-media techniques;
  • Insect hotel: Design your insect hotel;
  • Coffee & Tea: Paint your favoute coffee or tea mug or cup and freestyle on the subject coffee & tea using teabags, coffee filters, coffee etc. etc.
  • Old shoes: Paint or draw your old or your favourite shoes.πŸ₯Ύ If you like the Conker boots, check out their website here:

Online classes:

Paintings: @luz.artworks
Online classes:@braveartacademy

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