In this video I’ll be showing you my art journal, which I created last year when we stayed in France for three months in our Classic Hymer mobile home. If you’re interested in our traveling videos, please check out our channel ‘Brave Art Journey’. We’re very happy if you’ll subscribe and follow our new adventures.
Also this is an update about Luz Artworks. We’ve started a new online school ‘Brave Art Academy’. I will tell you a bit more about art journaling, our new class will be about that. We’ll launch it SOON. This is the link to visit all my classes:

This is why it took us so long to do anything with the Luz Artworks channel… but we’re back πŸ˜‰
If you’d like to see some of my new paintings, check out my portfolio:

Last but not least: We’ve just started a new journey in our RV, now for quite a longer time. We’re about to travel for 6 months and during this trip we’ll be creating recording some more classes for you. Again, take a look at for all our travel, photography and art videos in Scandinavia.

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